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I am a self taught woodturner having my first experience of turning on a Myford ML8 lathe back in the 1960’s at school in Weston-super-Mare.
In those far off days boys were encouraged to try woodwork as a subject. Unlike now with health and safety concerns we were let loose without much supervision to make a bowl or some such article. Often with the type of chuck which was common then the work would end up flying off across the classroom the result of a “dig in“ of the gouge.

After school I entered the building industry, bought a lathe and turned as a hobby. In the early 70’s I went to New Zealand taking my Arundel lathe with me. There I continued to explore the different techniques and enjoyed turning the array of native woods on offer.

Returning to the UK leaving my lathe and tools behind I started my own business as a building contractor. On one job I was offered a Myford ML8 by a Lady who had recently lost her Husband, the same type of lathe I had used at school. This set me off again as a more serious hobby turner.

Moving to Pembrokeshire in 1998 to run a Holiday Park with my Brother and family, there did not seem to be time for woodturning so it was put on the back burner until I retired in 2005. At that time Sonya my wife suggested I bought a modern lathe and new tools which she has maybe regretted as my shed has a great magnetism!

My main interest is in native timbers from sustainable sources, preferably from Pembrokeshire. Form is very important as well as functionality especially where such items as salad or fruit bowls are concerned for example. Other items such as hollow forms, vases and artistic objects are also made. I sell my work in local shops, at craft fairs and on the internet.

I am a founder member and Chairman of the Pembrokeshire Woodturners and have tutored for the local authority. Always up to a challenge commissions are also accepted.